Microcement – High Strength 

Super High-strength (60 MPA +) two-component Microcement coating with anti-cracking attributes for floors, walls and wet areas. Our SP (swimming pool) product is fully waterproof straight out of the bucket.


  • floors and walls and pools
  • can be applied over substrates such as concrete, masonry, gyprock /plaster and polystyrene, MDF, plywood and exisiting tiles and stone.
  • can be waterproofed for use in wet areas.

Where to Use

Swimming pools with concrete construction which can we utilised inside and outside the pool to create the seamless pool without coping tiles.


Using a 2-component microcement coating in a fine grain in multiple coats to product a smooth or textures matt finish with a natural cloudy effect.

Country of Origin

Made in Greece


Our Microcement products have been tested to meet the AS/NZS 3837-1998 for Fire/Chrome Testing and for Floor Materials AS/ISO 9239.1-2003 Critical Heat Flux Test.

Please visit our Resources page to find all the SDS and Testing Documents.


  • 15Kg Microcement off white powder + 2Kg of Liquid Latex
– Available Colours

Colour Selection

Cimento Products use a pigment colour system which allows the installer to have a large selection of colours available to be added to a “base” material which therefore reduces the risk of over ordering a specific colour.

(The colours and their final appearance presented in samples, catalogues or online, should be considered as indicative.)

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