Terrazzo and Micro-Pebble

The possibility of creating terrazzo surfaces on floors and walls and even bench-tops with the thickness of 5-15mm. Create the famous Palladiana or Scarpa using our unique mix of terrazzo aggregates and marble chips.


  • floors, walls and benchtops.
  • can be applied over substrates such as concrete and masonry and exisiting tiles.
  • grind and sealed to protect from staining using a penetrating sealer.


Where to Use

Our Terrazzo overlay system offer endless possibilities for interior and exterior surfaces including wet areas. Applied in a range of thicknesses from 10-15mm this versatile overlay system can be used on a variety of substrates to create a unique exposure using fine aggregates from 2-6mm.

Note: A higher slip rating can be achieved based on the application.


Once the Terrazzo overlay system is poured it is left to cure for 7 day at a minimum and mechanically grinded to create a smooth polished finish. Sealed with a penetrating sealer to protect from staining and water penetration.

Country of Origin

Produced in Greece


Please visit our Resources > Documents page to find all the relevant TDS and SDS documents.


  • 15kg bag of Hydraulic Binder
  • 20kg Bags of fine aggregates
– Available Colours

Colour Selection

Cimento Products use a pigment colour system which allows the installer to have a large selection of colours available to be added to a “base” material which therefore reduces the risk of over ordering a specific colour.

(The colours and their final appearance presented in samples, catalogues or online, should be considered as indicative.)

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